Hey all.

I would just like to address something we’ve been getting a lot of, and I’ve been seeing a lot of in the tag.

Just because someone is young, does not mean they look like Hugo.

Just because someone has a messy bowl cut, doesn’t mean they look like Hugo.

Also, because someone is brunette, it does not mean they look like Hugo.

I mean, by that line of thinking (young + messy hair + brunette = hugo), you should all think Porter Robinson is a dead ringer look alike.

There are many facial features that we use to differentiate and identify people by in our everyday lives. Let’s not forget that, shall we?

Mod Note

As you may have seen, we have a new button in our sidebar!  It links to our new FAQ page, where some of the more commonly asked questions can be found!

-Audrey and Ian

Giveaway Results!

Congratulations, to pandalovesburgers!

Thank you all for participating… Who knows, we may do something like this again sometime!


Mod Note

We’ve received a few submissions containing torrent links to various things the ema’s; we’d just like to note that this blog will not be carrying links of that nature.

Thanks for your understanding!

-Ian and Audrey


Wow, where has the time gone?! It’s been a wonderful experience running this blog, so thank you very much for being part of it, and making it a job worth doing! 

And a huge thank you to Hugo for doing what he does best!

(we couldn’t do this without you. literally.)

But enough sloppy sentiments, let’s get on to the details about fyeahmadeon’s First Anniversary Giveaway!

We will be giving away a t-shirt featuring an Icarus or Shuriken based design (Madeon approved!)



  • Please be following our blog!
  • One like and one reblog per person, please.
  • You have from today, November 2, 2012 until November 20, 2012 to submit to the drawing! 
  • We will be selecting the winner with a random number generator
  • Please keep your ask boxes open so that we may contact you if you win, please. Outside of shipping information, we need to know what size shirt you will need c: (The shirts used are Hane’s “ComfortSoft”)
  • Using “giveaway” or throwaway blogs to increase your chances is not allowed or in the spirit of the contest; a new winner will be picked if the blog appears to be made for such a purpose.
  • We will ship where ever you need it to go!
That’s it! Again, thanks for following, and good luck!
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Hi followers!

This post marks fyeahmadeon’s 1000th, so we’d like to mark the occasion!

We’ve got 536 followers here, and certainly many other visitors who aren’t on tumblr.  You all have made running this blog fantastic, so thank you!

As a little token of our appreciation, I (Ian) put together a little mix of some songs you might know ;D

It’s made to be the musical version of the album cover mashup that’s been floating around for Madeon’s 3 popcultur releases, so we hope you enjoy!

Track-listing: The City, Icarus, Finale

 Thank you all for being awesome fans; we look forward to following Hugo’s career alongside you!

And a big thank you to Hugo, whose work is the inspiration and source for everything wonderful here!

Audrey and Ian

A quick break

..of sorts

Hugo is taking a touring break, and is back to producing, which means there’s going to be a little less content than usual.

And we abhor reposts so you’re going to have to be patient.

Thank you for following along!

Mod Note

I guess it goes without saying, but my computer is fixed, and the blog is back up to it’s normal posting schedule. 

Thanks for understanding!



Hey guys!

Ian is having some serious technical difficulties with his pretty much brand new Macbook, and I’m going to be away for a week, so the blog might not get updated.

So fyeahmadeon might be a bit quiet for a little bit, I’m sorry.

this is the only time i’m gonna complain about the tag so brace yourself

tried setting up a queue but it’s very difficult when the tag is entirely reposts and because the big music festivals aren’t over yet, new content has yet to arise.

So give us a week (maybe less for Ian) and we’ll be back in action!



Ian Edit: As Audrey said, my computer borked, but I *should* be a reformat away from getting everything working again! Blog activity until then will be from my iPhone~ -Ian
Mod Note # 4

Hello everyone!

Just your friendly neighborhood mod announcing that we now have over 30(5) followers!

We WERE gonna celebrate by posting Pop Culture

but we decided against it


Thank you SO much for joining us and making this a fun blog to run. We really, really appreciate it!

Since you’re here, you might want to check out
The FuckYeah____ EDM master post!

And check out our fellow Hugo blogs, too!




and we have some friends who (used) to like to remain… “secret”, but we’ll let you find them by yourselves. (If I’ve left anyone out… I do apologize!)

Now, of course, we’d also like to hear back from you.

Is there anything you’d like to see more of? Less of? Should we continue to post fanarts and concert bills?

Never hesitate to drop us asks or submit nice things!

Thank you guys again!

also jean i don’t know if you still visit or not but the mods and anons miss you?

Mod Note-

Just a quick something from the mods!  Two posts ago was fyeahmadeon’s 500th post!  We really appreciate you all sticking with us and contributing, and we wanted to say thank you ;D  Here’s to many more laughs, great conversations, and great music by Hugo Pierre Leclercq!

-Audrey and Ian

Mod Note # 3

Oh hey guys, it’s been a while.

I just wanted to pop on and say


(especially a certain Miss Kopiikat, who has been with us from the start!)

I just wanted to say thanks for making this blog a great thing to run, and thank you for contributions and conversations (and surviving those nights of anon bombardment)!

Things are a bit slow right now, so I apologize. In an effort to keep things current, we’re a tad hesitant to post… reposts?

It’s just a little lull right now, and hopefully things will pick up soon. 

And once again…


RE: Theme Redesign Contest

Well, the contest is over!  Thank you to those who submitted, we really do appreciate it!  We’ve picked a winner, and would like to recognize the designer, but unfortunately, the winning design left no way to identify who the creator is (unless there is and we missed it D:)

If the submitter of the blog “sing-and-shout it” could drop us an ask, we would love to give you credit!

Again, thank you to everyone who submitted!!!!!  


The contest for redesigning fyeahmadeon is still underway!  Rules for the the contest can be found here:http://fyeahmadeon.tumblr.com/post/15520757183/do-you-want-to-redesign-fyeahmadeon 

Be sure to enter a layout! :D

Hey guys?

No more asks for tonight, alright?

And another thing, we LOVE talking to you guys, but let’s keep more of the banter separate from this blog. It’s a Madeon fanblog, not “ask the mods” :3

But just so you know, our ask boxes are ALWAYS open!!! I love talking to you guys, but some of the stuff we have been receiving is really more along the lines of casual conversation. I don’t mean to poop on everyone’s fun, I just want to be courteous to all our followers who don’t speak up as much!

Anyway, goodnight everyone, and thank you for following!

Like you, love you <3