Madeon - “Imperium”

Madeon, the French musical prodigy just released a new track which you can stream and download for free here.

do you still have a contact with madeon?

His published email is still working, as far as we know.  It’s!

what's the favourite animal of madeon?

Hmmm, I’d have to say, probably NOT squirrels, haha.


I read a comment on twitter that said that Hugo had an operation this year? Is it true? O.O

I think that was for tinnitus or some other minor ear related injury! It’s an occupational hazard of any musician or employee at a venue that hosts musicians of any kind.

Hugo is doing just fine!


PSA that you should be careful when listening to music, especially with earbuds!  It’s important to keep volume levels at a reasonable level, or else you’ll risk damaging your ears and developing hearing issues (including tinnitus) later in life.

Madeon // Maya Day & Night Club (6/6/14)


DadaLand 2014

Hello :) thank you for running such a great blog! question, are there any official physical cd albums of madeon? i would love to have one! i've only seen mp3's or vinyls for sale. thank youuuu again!

The only official CD released thus far is the Japan Only EP.  Other than that, promo copy CDs of his singles are also out there.


Would you know if Madeon's email is still active if you want to send him a message? (Even though responses vary)

It should be!  Best way to find out is to try.


You know a Novation Launchpad has 64 buttons, right?


Don’t leave out the scene, mode, and navigation buttons just because they aren’t part of the 8x8 matrix! There are 80 buttons to that midi controller.

why 80 buttons? please answer, you're the best account about madeon :)

There are 80 buttons on a Novation launchpad, which Madeon famously uses in his “Pop Culture” video and in his live sets! (・∀・)

But there is only one Madeon… That we know of.

For now.



Madeon at Guvernment Ontario, Canada

is it true that madeon is not a humble person ? some people say he does some people say not. like he's probably a random person that simply can changed his mind. i heard his new album will be release 2015 (that before he were said 2014) is just because he's changed his mind. what personality he really have tbh

From personal experience, I have found Madeon to be extremely kind and very generous with his time. He has been known to take the time out of his busy schedule to meet with fans before and after shows. He acknowledges his fanbase and still often vocalizes his thankfulness for support of fans over social media. He’s a very down to earth person, which is wonderful, coming from a boy who has been hailed as a talented musician and trust in the dance music limelight since the time he was only 16.

I really don’t think him being “humble” or not has anything to do with him pushing his album release back further, either. If he doesn’t think his album is ready for release yet, then it’s his decision, as he’s the one who’s pouring time and effort into making it. Asking for it to come out sooner, when he’s not ready and still working on it, is being an entitled and bratty fan.

As frustrating as it is to wait, sometimes it is for the best. How would you react if Porter Robinson released his album last year, when he was planning on it, and then hearing songs like Sad Machine and Lionhearted, but incomplete and unfinished? It wouldn’t be the same experience.

Though he does make music to share it with everyone, he’s also making music because it’s something that he likes to do. At the end of the day, he’s still making music for himself, and we all just happen to benefit from it.

if i meet madeon in person and take a pictures with him. did he mind if i kiss him on the cheek? i'm scared if he's saying no for that. lol

I’m sure you could ask him if he wouldn’t mind allowing a peck on the cheek or pretending to or something, but you should ask first. If he says no, don’t do it, and don’t try to land one on him without asking him first.

He’s a very friendly person, but please remember to respect the Mads, as he’s a person just like the rest of us!